Ramdev Baba Kapalbhati Pranayam - Yoga and Its Benefits

Kapalbhati yoga one the most powerful and most beneeficial yoga for curing many diseases and keeping ourselves fit and active. Why this yoga has been so popular? The simple answer is, due to its magical way of curing diseases. It shows effects on your body slowly. Do this yoga continuously and you will feel some improvement gradually. It also prevents your body from being infected. You can keep your entire body fit and your mind active and sharp with this yoga.

How to practice it?
You should first know and learn the method of yoga under supervision or you can also take advice from experts.

Kapalbhati yoga is breathing yoga or breathing exercise. Come in yoga pose or we called it as meditative posture. In kapalbhati pranayama you will use your both the nostrils. Take a breath normally and exhale it forcefully. In simple words after breathing, you have to push air forcefully. You will notice that your stomach will go in when you exhale with force. It is not so hard.
Start this kapalbhati pranayama with minimum 30 times. Then start increasing it gradually from 30 times to 1 minute, again 1 minute to 5 minute and then so on. You can increase it up to 15 minutes. Don’t try to do hard. You will gradually attain this point
If we talk about the benefits, kapalbhati yoga has been called as sanjivini. It means a unique yoga exercise that cures almost all of your health problems and diseases.
These are the few areas:
Stomach problems, Asthama , Acidity, Hapatitis B, Cander moreover tt has also been said that it can cure Aids.
There are some guidelines for this yoga? Yoga always should be learnt under supervision or with the guidance of experts. Let’s understand what the procedure is for this great Ramdev Yoga . It is a breathing exercise. You can read about this yoga in the Yoga sutras but now it has been again introduced by swami Baba Ramdev Ji Maharaj.
This yoga is very simple to understand as well to practice. I hope you all are aware of meditative posture, make your body comfortable and sit in this posture. Sit erect or keep your spine stretch and long as you can. Have your hands in Gyan Mudra. Now exhale and make use of your both the nostrils. Then release the contractions quickly and again exhale immediately with the same forcefulness. Then again inhale without any effort. Repeat this step for 10 times. Then take break and again start it.
Thnose people who are the patient of heart and high Blood Pressure diseases and those who have poor and weak health should do it slowly.
There are many benefits of this yoga
Kapal bhati yoga helps in reducing fat. You can make your body slim and fit with the help of this great kapalbhati yoga.
KapalBhati yoga helps to make your body active, your mind sharp; it fights with several common diseases, reamove your body weakness and makes you fit.
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