Ramdev Yoga for Weight Loss- Reduce Weight by Ramdev Yoga

There are many techniques for fat and weight loss simultaneously there are yoga for weight loss also. As we all know that running and cycling is very important and very beneficial to reduce weight from stomach as well as from your entire body.

Swami baba Ramdev has advised and taught people how to reduce weight and fat from your thighs, butt, Stomach
This tip is very simple cycling in laying position. How to practice this yoga is very easy. Find out a suitable place to lay down. It may be bed also. Move your leg in the same manner you moves while cycling. Don't try to practice hard, if you feel tired take a break. Again lay down and start practicing cycling now in opposite direction. It is cycling technique to reduce your weight.

Now in the same lying positions try to do another yoga for fat and weight loss. You have to move your one leg in upward direction up to 2 feet up and then bring it down. Use your one leg at one time. Then try it with your other feet also.
After you have to move your both feet in upward direction up to 2 feet and then take it down. You have to make use of your both the legs this time.
It is a very good yoga exercise to reduce weight and fat from your body. Simultaneously you can use kapalbhati pranayam to weight loss.

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